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Executive Music Producer; Dontae's Boxing Nation (media), The Real Elegance (accessories emporium), Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang Clan artist), Beace (avant-garde classic hip hop), Shabazz The Disciple (Red Hook-Brooklyn, NY), Orchestrated Productions (Boom Bap Soul), ZhaoSki (experimental sounds), Chopper Game Conglomerate (R & B, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul).

*Contact for original production, catalog copyright administration, artist features, custom music streaming rates, songwriting, multi-media sync licensing, sync editing productions; TV/Radio, electronic games and toys, corporate video productions, documentaries, big movies, little movies, and direct-to-DVD movies or to request private link to screen unreleased original snippets.

*Purchasing an All Eye Publishing Digital Download or Subscription is not the same as purchasing a license to use an All Eye Publishing beat for commercial purposes such as a recording license, sync license, audio stem license, streaming license, etc. If you would like to use this or any other All Eye Publishing beats for commercial purposes, please contact Clemenza at for an exclusive All Eye Publishing commercial license.

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All Eye Publishing
Detroit, Michigan
Sync licensing, music streaming, and sync editing international multi-media productions for tv, electronic games/toys, radio, corporate video productions, documentaries, movies, etc.

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